The effect of social media on the language

        Social media have been changing the individuals' method for living in many ways especially in the objects linked to the communication domain, knowledge, and education. It means also suggests one of the necessities of human life will be achieved; to communicate and interact with other beings. Therefore, In the era of globalization, many people ...

15:25 Et July 2, 2021

Notes on European principles of Cultural Diplomacy

            The European national states were pioneers in establishing new concepts of diplomatic work in its general sense, then these concepts were consecrated since the establishment of the ...

14:39 Et June 26, 2021

How meeting with Biden put Putin on top of the world

In the run up to the Geneva summit with President Joe Biden on Wednesday, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin had been on a rampage. A Russian court designated the ...

10:18 Et June 21, 2021

Biden is making a major mistake on Afghanistan

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden is expected to formally announce the planned withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, which will also mark the end of America's longest ...

18:33 Et April 14, 2021

Moroccan Sahara and New Zealand High Court ruling

On 15 March, the New Zealand High Court of Justice issued its decision following legal action initiated last year by two members of the Polisario separatist movement. Polisario's ...

14:58 Et April 2, 2021

Biden should withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. Here's why

As the Biden administration weighs whether to remove all US troops from Afghanistan by May 1 — upholding the Trump administration's agreement with the Taliban — its discussions ...

11:22 Et March 25, 2021

Reasons for Migration to the US

           Immigration is an ancient phenomenon in the world. The United States of America was the best direction to live for many kinds of immigration from around the ...

11:34 Et March 11, 2021

Immigration: Right to Freedom of Movement and Residence or International Blackmail?

The movement of people has never stopped throughout history, but it was an easier and smoother process before the emergence of the nation state in its modern sense. ...

21:42 Et February 21, 2021

Trump’s Morocco Decision Was Sound

Near the very end of President Trump’s administration, the United States recognized Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara. That move elicited loud protests, most notably from James Baker, John Bolton, and Senator James Inhofe (R., Okla.). For reasons that are not persuasive, all three have long opposed Morocco’s territorial claims and have favored a process likely ...

13:20 Et February 6, 2021

Morocco, Biden administration and the "Sahara" case

The United States' recognition of Western Sahara as a Moroccan land dropped like a bombshell not only in capitals of the countries concerned and especially in Rabat and Algiers, ...

12:48 Et January 31, 2021
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