French finance minister's phone investigated in Pegasus spyware case

The phone of France's finance minister Bruno Le Maire is currently being investigated to determine whether it has been infected by a spyware known as Pegasus. "We are in an investigation phase, and that includes my own device," Bruno Le Maire told France Inter radio on Friday. He refused to elaborate on the investigation. The ...

9:30 am Et July 30, 2021

Facebook profits top $10B as its CEO exalts the 'metaverse'

Concerns about a revenue growth slowdown pushed Facebook’s shares lower in after-hours trading Wednesday, not long after the company reported that its second-quarter profits doubled thanks to a ...

5:28 pm Et July 29, 2021

Israel tells France it is taking spyware allegations 'seriously'

Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz discussed the uproar over the allegations surrounding Israeli cyber-surveillance company NSO Group during a visit to Paris on Wednesday. Gantz met his French ...

11:30 am Et July 29, 2021

Bitcoin jumps on speculation that Amazon considering crypto

Bitcoin’s price surged again Monday after speculation that Amazon may be entering the cryptocurrency sector after it posted a job seeking a “digital currency and blockchain product lead.” ...

3:43 pm Et July 27, 2021

Israeli lawmaker eyes spyware export curbs as Macron convenes cabinet

Israel's parliamentary review panel may recommend changes to defence export policy over high-profile allegations that spyware sold by Israeli cyber firm NSO Group has been abused in several ...

12:05 pm Et July 22, 2021

Bitcoin climbs back over $30,000

Bitcoin recovered from a one-month low and broke back above $30,000 on Wednesday, suggesting firm support around that level even as the mood in broader financial markets remained ...

10:15 am Et July 21, 2021

China Denies US Allegations Of Microsoft Hack

China has rejected the US and its allies' allegations that Beijing carried out a Microsoft hack. "The US has repeatedly made groundless attacks and malicious smear against China ...

10:55 am Et July 20, 2021

Ford recalling 775,000 SUVs for steering issue linked to six injuries

Ford Motor Co said on Friday it was recalling about 775,000 Ford Explorer SUVs worldwide for a steering issue linked to reports of six injuries in North America. The ...

10:57 am Et July 17, 2021

Microsoft says it blocked spying on rights activists, others

Microsoft said Thursday it has blocked tools developed by an Israeli hacker-for-hire company that were used to spy on more than 100 people around the world, including politicians, human rights activists, journalists, academics and political dissidents. Microsoft issued a software update and worked with the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto to investigate the secretive Israeli company behind ...

3:00 pm Et July 16, 2021

EU puts digital levy plans on hold in face of US criticism

In a gesture of goodwill to the United States, the European Union on Monday put work on plans for a digital tax levy on hold for the moment ...

10:22 pm Et July 12, 2021
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