Morocco receives first units of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 military drones

Morocco has received the first units of Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicles, which are known as the "Bayraktar TB2" drone, according to what was confirmed by the "Far-Maroc" forum, which specializes in news related to the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces.

According to the same source, the first deliveries of the first drones began on Friday, September 17, with the rest of the units to be delivered at a later time within the framework of the contract signed between Morocco and the Turkish company specialized in the manufacture of this type of military drone.

Morocco had made a deal with Turkey to acquire 13 "Bayraktar TB2" drones with all their equipment, as this type of drone used in wars is manufactured by the "Baykar" company of the Turkish Air Force.

According to the available data about the price of this aircraft, which can fly about 20 thousand feet above the surface of the earth, it reaches 5 million dollars, which means that Morocco has allocated 65 million dollars to this deal in order to obtain 13 units of this type.

This military drone is characterized by its ability to carry weights of up to 150 kilograms, in addition to flying for a full 24 hours without stopping. It is also characterized by surveillance equipment, night monitoring, and hitting targets with high accuracy, according to what the company announced in the details of this drone published on the Internet.

Morocco would enhance its arsenal of military drones with this important deal, which comes at a time when Moroccan relations are experiencing great tension with neighboring Algeria, especially with the separatist “Polisario Front”, which has returned to military skirmishes on the Moroccan security wall in the Sahara regions.

This deal falls within the framework of the Kingdom of Morocco's plan to modernize its military arsenal in order to confront all regional challenges and threats related to terrorism and all kinds of threats.

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