To fight Coronavirus spike: Morocco returns to night curfew and other preventive measures

Morocco has decided to take a series of measures as of Tuesday, August 03, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. in order to fight the spread of Coronavirus, given the considerable increase in the number of cases, recorded recently, of infections and deaths due to this pandemic.

According to a statement by the government, these measures concern the ban on night movement at the national level from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. They also concern the ban on travel to and from the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir, said the statement, specifying that vaccinated people with a vaccination passport, urgent medical cases, people in charge of the transportation of goods and employees operating in the public and private sectors having movement orders signed by their hierarchical managers are excluded from this measure.

The said measures also concern the closure of restaurants and cafes at 9 p.m. as well as hammams, gyms and indoor swimming pools, the statement added.

Gatherings and activities in closed and open spaces should not exceed 25 people, the same source said, noting that the authorization of local authorities is required if this number is exceeded.

Hotels and tourist establishments must not exceed 75% of their reception capacity, underlined statement, calling for the encouragement of remote working in the public and private sectors when possible.

The statement added that all the precautionary measures adopted under the state of health emergency will be maintained (ban on funerals, wedding ceremonies and parties, respect of a maximum of 50% of the reception capacity in cafes and restaurants, public transport and public swimming pools, gatherings and activities in open spaces must not exceed 50 people, travel between prefectures and provinces is subject to the presentation of the vaccination passport or a travel administrative authorization issued by the competent territorial authorities….).

To this end, the government calls on citizens to comply with all precautionary measures in force within the framework of the "state of emergency", namely social distancing, respect for hygiene rules and the wearing of masks, and reaffirms that the administrative and security services concerned will continue to implement firm control measures and apply sanctions against any establishment or person having violated the legal rules in force.

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