Taghazout: The sea, nature, quiet resorts, and leisurely pace of life

Taghazout has a welcoming, laid-back vibe and an astoundingly wide range of reasonably priced lodging and dining alternatives. Visitors are most attracted to the area by its white-washed houses' understated elegance and the glimpses of the deep blue Atlantic.

The sun pours its rays and the city enjoys a pleasant climate whatever the season is . Aside from its consistently pleasant weather, for those who love ​​sport, sun, sea and nature, you will find no better than the resort of Taghazout.

Taghazout is best known among surfing fans, as they could find great waves year-round for enthusiasts of all levels.

Reaching Taghazout and accommodation

Morocco’s village Taghazout is located approximately 20 km from the southern city of Agadir, with 5,000 inhabitants, you can reach Taghazout either by driving or by public transport,which is the cheapest option to get there. You can take a taxi from El Batouar ( a taxi station in Agadir), which costs only 6 DH, or take Agadir’s local bus No. 32 or 33, which costs only 7DH.

The windswept fishing village of Taghazout has a variety of choices when it comes to accommodation, the village offers both luxurious hotels and affordable lodging, with nightly rates ranging from  300 DH to 900 DH (including breakfast). You will not need any transportation within the village due to its small area.

Tourism offers great opportunities for locals as the main sources of income for Taghazout residents are fishing, tourism, and the production of Argan oil.

Taghazout Bay

The beach promenade connecting Taghazout with Tamraght, 5 km away, has recently been finished. Evening strolls and bike rides are especially pleasant on this pristine path perched just above the ocean. The path concludes at the town of Tamraght's beach. In addition to this path, you can easily reach your destination by strolling down the seashore. Seafood is the most popular food in the village, where guests can enjoy the delicious cuisine and warm hospitality of restaurants as well as stables where kids may go horseback riding.

Taghazout Bay resort in Agadir is part of the Moroccan National Tourism Strategy “Vision 2020.” The Resort covers an area of 615 hectares of coastal strip with  4.5 kilometers of beach, Taghazout Bay consists of hotels, tourist residences and high-end residential areas, as well as entertainment areas.

The tourism office recorded 4,641,882 total overnight stays in tourist accommodations in Agadir in the first 10 months of 2019. Taghazout has seen more than 83,304 visitors.

The Argan museum

The argan museum or “Targant" is a concept that brings together the ideas of honesty, equality, solidarity, ethics, and sustainability. It tells the story of the argan tree, which is a symbol of the region of Agadir Souss Massa, in a space that is consistent and harmonious. It promises tourists and visitors a deep dive into the world of this oil, which has many uses in beauty, medicine, and food.

It is also a place for organic advice, well-being, promoting local products, and making the resort more social and unified. Targant is also a window that shows the unwritten history of the Argan tree and the women of the area who have kept its habits and many uses alive.

Yoga in Taghazout

Yoga is very popular in Taghazout and the villages around it. Yoga an be done anywhere and in the smallest of spaces but doing Yoga in Taghazout is another experience with Many hotels offering yoga and surfing classes. There are often yoga retreats in Taghazout, and teachers come from all over the world to lead them. A number of hotels offer yoga classes that are open to all tourists.

Surfing in Taghazout

Taghazout is the perfect destination for water sport, and many visitors get there with no prior surfing expertise. You don't need to be an expert surfer to ride the waves.

There are several surfing schools, teachers, regular starting classes, and rental shops where you can pick up all the essential equipment. You may reserve a weekly package that includes your lodging, food, surfing lessons, and yoga sessions at numerous hotels and hostels.

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