Fighting among herders in South Sudan leaves 39 people dead

Fighting between herders from two neighboring states in central South Sudan has killed at least 39 people, officials said, blaming the violence on a protracted land dispute.

The fighting has been going on since Wednesday between the armed Youth of Warrap State and the Armed Youth of Lakes State, left 39 killed and more than 50 wounded.

"We have received comprehensive information this morning that the clashes involved an attack emanating from Pakamof Rumbek North County, Gok-Tooch of Cueibet County of Lakes state and Nuer Adoi of Panyi-Jaar County of Unity state," Wol Mayom Bol, the Warrap state minister of information and communication told Anadolu Friday by Phone from Kuacjok.

He said the South Sudan People's Defense Force Division 11 under Maj. Gen Kongor Bashir was dispatched and managed to quell the violence.

He strongly condemned the violence and extended condolences to the families of those killed in the clashes.

He said that At least 19 civilians had been confirmed killed and 17 wounded during Wednesday's communal clashes between Luacjang youth of Warrap state and Pakam of Lakes state in Luacjang cattle camps of Panyang, Paduyiil, Bil-Nyang, Mabior Adel and Muut.

He called on the governments of Lakes State and Unity State to expedite cooperation with the government of Warrapstate to trace the perpetrators so that they are held accountable.

Elijah Mabor Makuac, the spokesperson for Lakes State police, told Anadolu on Friday that they have confirmed 20 youth killed from Lakes State following clashes with rival armed youth in four cattle camps located in the Luacjang area of Warrap State.

He disclosed that the number of the wounded on their side stands at 36.The Minister of Information in Lakes State, Paul Cabiet Ayang, confirmed to Anadolu that a group of armed cattle camp Youth from Tonj East County attacked the Mamer, Payak, Malith, and Agardit areas of Alor Payam, Rumbek North County.

"The attackers were intercepted and fought by the cattle camp Youth of Rumbek North and subsequently repulsed. The attackers' motive was cattle raiding and dispute over the grazing land (Toich)."

He said that the Lakes State Government has deployed security forces to arrest the situation and restore normalcy between Rumbek North County and our neighbors of Tonj East County.

"The Lakes State Government condemns this criminal incident in the strongest terms possible and calls for immediate restraint on both sides of the conflict. The Government of Lakes State remains steadfast in its commitment and endeavor to maintain peace within the State and with our neighbors."

He called on the Government of Warrap State for a collaboration to ensure perpetrators are apprehended and brought to books accordingly.

The violence came in the aftermath of the deadly clashes on January 27-28 in the Abyei region situated between Sudan and South Sudan, which left 52 people killed, including two United Nations peacekeepers.

Source: Anadolu

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