Morocco's Autonomy Plan for Sahara Offers Exclusive Legislative Powers to Region - Spanish Expert

The autonomy initiative presented by Morocco for the Sahara offers exclusive legislative powers to the Region, said Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona, Joan-Josep Vallbé, noting that the Moroccan plan proposes to establish a list of areas of exclusive competence of both the central government and the region. Speaking at an international ...

11:51 Et July 4, 2022

Spanish Newspaper: Dakhla Has Established its Place as Platform for Attracting Investment

The city of Dakhla, which hosted on 21 and 22 June, an investment forum Morocco-Spain, has established its place as a platform for attracting investment in various fields, ...

18:25 Et July 3, 2022

Morocco's Leadership in Energy, Food Security Highlighted in Naples

Morocco's leadership in energy and food security was highlighted at a trade fair dedicated to agribusiness, held recently in Naples. "Under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Morocco ...

11:36 Et July 3, 2022

Morocco Faces 'Extremely Complex Situation' in Fighting Illegal Migration Mafias - Spanish Minister

Morocco is facing an "extremely complex situation" to fight against illegal migration mafias and control migration flows, said the Spanish Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José ...

21:30 Et July 2, 2022

Israeli Company to Construct Hospitals in Morocco

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Morocco's Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Israeli company I.M.S Ovadia Group Ltd. for the construction of hospital facilities ...

17:44 Et July 2, 2022

Morocco, Japan Sign Loan Agreement of MAD 1.6 Billion for Improving Education Environment

An Exchange of Notes and a Loan Agreement between Morocco and Japan, amounting to 22 billion Japanese yen (about 1.6 billion dirhams) for the financing of the Program ...

12:14 Et July 2, 2022

Morocco: Industrial Activity Continues to Improve, Central Bank Says

The results of Moroccan Bank Al-Maghrib's (BAM) monthly industry survey for May indicate a continued improvement in activity. Thus, the production would have increased in all the branches ...

11:40 Et July 2, 2022

Spanish Official: Economic and Commercial Relations between Morocco, Spain Are Structural and Not Cyclical

Economic and trade relations between Morocco and Spain are structural and not cyclical, said Wednesday in Casablanca, the Spanish ambassador to Morocco, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner Rodriguez, noting that these ...

17:00 Et July 1, 2022

African Lion 2022 Exercise in Morocco Wraps Up in Cape Draa

The combined Moroccan-American exercise "African Lion 2022" ended on Thursday at Cape Draa (Tantan), with training between the Royal Armed Forces and the American Armed Forces. During this exercise, which was attended by Lieutenant General Belkhir El Farouk, Inspector General of the FAR and Commander of the South Zone, and General Stephen Townsend, Commander of ...

11:26 Et July 1, 2022

German RWE to supply Morocco with gas through Spain

The German energy company RWE prepares to supply Morocco with natural gas through Spain using the Maghreb-European pipeline, the Spanish online newspaper elEconomista reported on Thursday. The same ...

21:00 Et June 30, 2022
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