Thousands of Americans protest against vaccine mandates

Thousands of Americans from across the country on Sunday gathered in the nation's capital for a march against vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions, as Americans were frustrated and fatigued by the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and the overall pandemic. During the march called "Defeat The Mandates: An American Homecoming," protesters walked from the ...

18:01 Et January 24, 2022

Germany Under Fire For Not Taking Firm Stance Against Russia

Germany has come under growing criticism for its cautious policy toward Russia, after its naval chief sparked a diplomatic row with comments on Ukraine and Crimea. Ukraine's ambassador ...

16:30 Et January 24, 2022

NATO outlines ‘deterrence’ plan as tensions with Russia soar

Tensions soared Monday between Russia and the West, with NATO outlining a series of potential troop and ship deployments and Ireland warning that upcoming Russian war games off ...

15:30 Et January 24, 2022

Presidential election kicks off in Italy

The Italian presidency is up for grabs on Monday when lawmakers elect the successor of incumbent President Sergio Mattarella. Some 1,009 members of the two chambers of parliament ...

13:30 Et January 24, 2022

Russia faces severe sanctions if it installs puppet regime in Ukraine, UK minister says

Russia will face severe economic sanctions if it installs a puppet regime in Ukraine, a senior UK minister said on Sunday after Britain accused the Kremlin of seeking ...

10:46 Et January 23, 2022

US orders evacuation of embassy staff families in Ukraine: Report

The US State Department has ordered families of its embassy staff in Ukraine to start leaving the country as soon as Monday, according to media reports. Fox News, ...

10:44 Et January 23, 2022

WHO chief warns COVID-19 pandemic "nowhere near over"

World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently refuted the narrative that the Omicron variant signals the COVID-19 mitigating into a mild disease, warning that the pandemic ...

17:30 Et January 22, 2022

Any invasion of Ukraine will be met with swift response: Blinken

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday that any invasion of Ukraine by Moscow's forces will be met with a swift ...

15:00 Et January 22, 2022

Reuters: U.S. opposes plans to strengthen World Health Organization

The United States, the World Health Organization's top donor, is resisting proposals to make the agency more independent, four officials involved in the talks said, raising doubts about the Biden administration's long-term support for the U.N. agency. The proposal, made by the WHO's working group on sustainable financing, would increase each member state's standing annual ...

13:50 Et January 22, 2022

Austrian parliament votes on compulsory Covid vaccinations for adults

Austria's parliament was debating on Thursday a proposal to make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for adults, with Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein defending the jabs as an act of solidarity. ...

18:00 Et January 21, 2022
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