Middle East

Biden, Netanyahu pledge to work toward Israeli-Saudi normalization

 U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged on Wednesday to work together toward a landmark agreement to forge diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Meeting for the first time since Netanyahu returned to power in December, both leaders signaled a desire to ease strains in their relationship, but Biden also ...

10:30 Et September 21, 2023

Saudi Arabia welcomes 'positive results' after peace talks with Houthis

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday welcomed the "positive results" of the peace talks with a delegation from Sana'a, which is visiting the Kingdom to carry forward the peace process ...

10:36 Et September 20, 2023

Iran’s president denies sending drones and other weapons to Russia and decries US meddling

Iran’s president on Monday denied his country had sent drones to Russia for use in the war in Ukraine, even as the United States accuses Iran of not ...

15:27 Et September 19, 2023

Clashes resume between factions in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp

Clashes resumed in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp overnight, with heavy gunfire and shelling wounding at least 20 people and prompting residents of the camp and the surrounding ...

15:33 Et September 8, 2023

US military calls for end of fighting in east Syria and warns it could lead to IS resurgence

The United States military called for an end to days of fighting between rival U.S.-backed groups in east Syria Thursday, warning it may help the resurgence of the ...

14:37 Et September 2, 2023

Reported Israeli strike damages Aleppo airport and puts it out of service

An Israeli airstrike hit the international airport in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria early on Monday, damaging a runway and putting it out of service, Syrian state media ...

17:02 Et August 28, 2023

Israeli Arabs demand action over spike in murders linked to organised crime

Israeli Arab groups are calling for an emergency session of the country's parliament, after the latest series of murders within the community. Four men were shot dead in ...

20:56 Et August 23, 2023

As Israeli settlements thrive, Palestinian taps run dry. The water crisis reflects a broader battle

Across the dusty villages of the occupied West Bank, where Israeli water pipes don’t reach, date palms have been left to die. Greenhouses are empty and deserted. Palestinians ...

20:50 Et August 17, 2023

UAE hosts trilateral talks with Jordan, Israel on 'declaration of intent'

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, and Israel are scheduled to hold trilateral discussions on the exchange of water and energy on Monday. Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz arrived in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi on Sunday ahead of the talks, which will focus on how to implement a 2021 declaration of intent, he stated ...

12:00 Et August 14, 2023

Israel rules out Jerusalem base for Saudi envoy to Palestinians

Israel ruled out on Sunday a diplomatic base in Jerusalem for the new Saudi envoy to the Palestinians, whose appointment comes as Washington tries to forge formal Israeli relations with ...

11:23 Et August 13, 2023
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