Middle East

Emergency workers uncover dozens of bodies in a Gaza City district after Israeli assault

Civil defense workers on Friday dug bodies out of collapsed buildings and pulled them off rubble-covered streets, as they collected dozens of Palestinians killed this week by an Israeli assault in a district of Gaza City. The discovery of the bodies came after Israeli troops reportedly pulled out of parts of the Tal al-Hawa and ...

09:45 Et July 13, 2024

Israel tells 'everyone in Gaza City' to leave

The Israeli military has told all residents of Gaza City to evacuate south to the central Gaza Strip, amid intensified operations in the north. Leaflets dropped by aircraft ...

10:22 Et July 11, 2024

Israeli strikes in central Gaza kill 20 Palestinians as mediators make new push on cease-fire deal

Israeli airstrikes early Wednesday killed 20 Palestinians in central Gaza, including six children and three women, some of them inside a purported “safe zone” declared by the Israeli ...

10:59 Et July 10, 2024

Strike kills family as Israeli evacuation order sparks panicked flight from southern Gaza city

The Hamdan family — around a dozen people from three generations — fled their home in the middle of the night after the Israeli military ordered an evacuation ...

10:39 Et July 3, 2024

Israel orders Palestinians to flee Khan Younis, signaling likely new assault on southern Gaza city

The Israeli army ordered a mass evacuation of Palestinians from much of Khan Younis on Monday, a sign that troops are likely to launch a new ground assault ...

10:17 Et July 2, 2024

Israeli tanks advance into areas in north and south Gaza, fighting rages

Israeli forces advanced further on Sunday into the Shejaia neighbourhood of northern Gaza and also pushed deeper into western and central Rafah in the south, killing at least six Palestinians ...

15:10 Et June 30, 2024

Iranians vote to replace president killed in a helicopter crash, but apathy remains high

Iranians were voting Friday in a snap election to replace the late President Ebrahim Raisi, killed in a helicopter crash last month, as public apathy has become pervasive in ...

09:45 Et June 28, 2024

Summer heat brings new misery to Palestinians in Israel's Gaza campaign

Sweltering summer weather is worsening conditions in Gaza where nearly all the 2.3 million inhabitants have been driven from their homes by Israel's military campaign and where there ...

10:23 Et June 27, 2024

Palestinian Delegation Praises the King’s Noble Initiatives to Alleviate Palestinians’ Suffering

A Palestinian delegation praised, on Tuesday in Rabat, King Mohammed VI’s noble and generous initiatives to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians. In a statement to the press following talks between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, and a Palestinian delegation on a working visit to the Kingdom on the ...

10:16 Et June 26, 2024

Israel’s high court orders the army to draft ultra-Orthodox men, rattling Netanyahu’s government

Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled unanimously that the military must begin drafting ultra-Orthodox men for compulsory service, a landmark decision that could lead to the collapse of ...

11:35 Et June 25, 2024
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