Denmark accused of 'sacrificing the future' of Syrian children

Danish authorities have been accused of putting the futures of dozens of refugee children at risk by threatening to expel them to Syria, despite warnings that it is not safe to do so. In a statement released on Wednesday, children's rights group Save the Children said it was "deeply concerned" to discover that at least ...

9:32 pm Et May 2, 2021

29M people in Sahel need humanitarian assistance: UN

A record 29 million people in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin need humanitarian assistance in 2021, according to the UN Refugee Agency. Conflict in the Sahel has ...

1:30 pm Et April 28, 2021

Report: World military spending on the rise despite pandemic

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, total global military expenditure rose to nearly 2 trillion dollars last year, according to data published Monday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute ...

11:45 am Et April 26, 2021

Afghanistan: 47,600 civilians killed in 20 years of deadly war

The most conservative estimates by local and international rights group suggest that close to 47,600 civilians have been killed and more than double that number injured in Afghanistan ...

1:24 pm Et April 24, 2021

France bears 'significant' responsibility for 'enabling' the 1994 Rwanda genocide: report

The French government bears “significant” responsibility for “enabling a foreseeable genocide,” a report commissioned by the Rwandan government into France’s role has found. The report looks at the ...

4:30 pm Et April 20, 2021

Sexual violence being used as weapon of war in Ethiopia's Tigray, U.N. says

Sexual violence is being used as a weapon of war in Ethiopia's Tigray, the U.N. aid chief told the Security Council on Thursday, prompting the U.S. envoy to ...

6:15 pm Et April 17, 2021

The OCP: the black box for largest phosphate reserve in the world that is managed 'beyond control'

At the time when the Director-General of the OCP  (Moroccan fertilizer group), Mustafa Al-Turab, was announcing the annual outcome of the group for 2020, which reached 50.76 billion ...

5:43 pm Et April 6, 2021

Biden speaks out against racism

On a visit to Atlanta on Friday, US President Joe Biden spoke out against racism and hatred. "There are simply some core values and beliefs that should bring us ...

5:35 pm Et March 20, 2021

U.S.'s Blinken says Khashoggi report speaks for itself

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday said that the intelligence assessment on the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi speaks for itself, adding that the steps taken by Washington on Friday were important for recalibrating the U.S.-Saudi relationship. Blinken did not address why the United States fell short of imposing sanctions on Saudi ...

12:34 pm Et February 27, 2021

Europe to loosen Coronavirus measures starting in March

Several European countries are starting to loosen coronavirus measures at the beginning of March after months of lockdowns. GermanyGermany, on Feb. 10, extended its coronavirus lockdown to March ...

11:43 am Et February 27, 2021
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