OCP Nutricrops Launched: Accelerating a Global Shift to Customized Plant Nutrition

The global leader in soil and plant nutrition solutions, OCP Group, has announced the launch of a new subsidiary – OCP Nutricrops, to accelerate the Group’s transition to fully customized plant nutrition solutions, driving forward a just agricultural transition.

According to a statement issued on Tuesday by the Group, the OCP Nutricrops “will leverage the Group’s leading phosphate-based plant nutrition production and distribution capabilities to provide farmers with the customized solutions they need to, preserve soil health, increase crop yields sustainably, combat climate change, and protect the natural environment.”

“OCP Nutricrops’ primary mission is to help farmers access the most efficient and sustainable soil health and plant nutrition solutions and the latest application expertise, wherever they are in the world” said the statement, adding that “OCP Nutricrops’ flexible production system enables the manufacture of nutrients tailored to the crop, climate and soil. The business also provides training in precision nutrient management techniques that ensure crops get the right nutrients, at the right rate, in the right place, and at the right time – while minimizing costs to the farmer. OCP Nutricrops products are designed to enable farmers to preserve and enhance their soils and thereby boost their productivity and income.”

The statement pointed out that “OCP Nutricrops will build on OCP Group’s international partnerships with governments, researchers, agronomists and distributors to drive the systemic change required to make climate positive agriculture a reality. OCP Nutricrops’ goal is to deliver 100% customized, carbon-free products, with a target to reach carbon neutrality (Scope 3) by 2040.”

Soufiyane El Kassi, Chairman & CEO of OCP Nutricrops, said: “OCP Nutricrops will spearhead a new direction for effective soil health and plant nutrition solutions. Only by using customized soil and plant nutrition solutions can we improve global food security while combatting climate change and protecting the natural environment. OCP Nutricrops is committed to working collaboratively with farmers and all our stakeholders to accelerate the journey towards the fully customized and farmer-centric solutions required to drive a just agricultural transition.”

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