Portuguese Magazine 'Observador' Unveils Morocco's Rich Tourist Potential

In its latest December issue, Portuguese monthly magazine Observador has dedicated its pages to unraveling the diverse and captivating tourist potential of the Kingdom of Morocco. The publication describes Morocco as possessing "significant and attractive" allure for tourists, attributing this appeal to its picturesque landscapes, diverse terrains, and a unique climate that make it an exceptional destination year-round.

The magazine's extensive tourist guide, a year in the making, invites readers to embark on a journey covering the 400 km from the south of Portugal to the west of Morocco. This distance, according to Observador, is sufficient to unveil the irresistible charm of the Kingdom and the allure of its myriad tourist attractions.

From the snow-capped peaks of Toubkal to the golden warmth of the Moroccan desert dunes, the exploration encompasses the enchanting Amazigh regions around the Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains in the northeast. The journey promises a deep dive into the essence of Morocco's identity, revealing the magic of its diverse tourist offerings.

The editorial of this special issue articulates the multiple reasons why tourists choose Morocco. It highlights the historical and cultural experiences that the Kingdom offers, enticing visitors with the authenticity and uniqueness of the local population.

Observador further showcases the beauty of various Moroccan tourist sites, with special emphasis on the magnetic pull of Marrakech for foreign tourists. The magazine describes Marrakech as a dynamic and ever-evolving city that, with just a few minutes of exploration, allows visitors to connect not only with Morocco but with the world at large.

The mysterious city of Ouarzazate, famed for hosting numerous international Hollywood film productions, is also unveiled in the magazine. Its geographical location and picturesque natural setting contribute to the mystique that surrounds this Moroccan gem.

Merzouga, a destination promising adventure, cinematic classics, and unforgettable life experiences, also finds a place in "Observador's" exploration of Morocco's tourist treasures.

The magazine doesn't stop there; it features special articles on other Moroccan cities and sites such as Tangier, a melting pot of different worlds for over two centuries and a haven for artists seeking inspiration. Rabat, the capital city, is highlighted for its rich urban, cultural, civilizational, and historical attractions.

Casablanca, a contemporary metropolis, and the historic cities of El Jadida, Fez, and Essaouira, which evoke a shared history with the Portuguese, are also showcased in the comprehensive dossier.

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