Senegal renews support for Morocco's sovereignty over Sahara, backs autonomy plan

Senegal reaffirmed, in New York, its full and unwavering support for the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco, as well as for the autonomy initiative presented by the Kingdom to achieve a solution to the regional dispute over the Sahara.

"Senegal would like to reaffirm its unwavering support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative, which the Security Council deems as serious and credible in its successive resolutions since 2007," said the Deputy Permanent Representative of Senegal to the UN, Ambassador Diamane Diome, during the ordinary session of the C-24.

The diplomat noted that this Initiative, which is supported by more than 100 UN member states, has been strengthened by Morocco's substantial achievements in the area of human rights, particularly the role played by the commissions of the National Human Rights Council in Dakhla and Laayoune, which was welcomed by the Security Council in its resolution 2703.

The autonomy plan has also been consolidated by the investments and projects implemented by the Kingdom within the framework of the new development model of the Moroccan Sahara, thus contributing to the empowerment of the populations and the improvement of the human development index in this region, he pointed out.

The Senegalese diplomat welcomed Morocco's full respect of the ceasefire as well as its constant cooperation with MINUSRSO, calling on the parties for better collaboration with UN agencies, including the UNHCR and the WFP, regarding the fundamental rights of populations in the Tindouf camp, particularly their freedom of expression and association and access to international humanitarian aid intended for them.

Mr. Diome commended, on this occasion, the "tireless" efforts of the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Moroccan Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, aimed at facilitating the relaunch of the political process under the exclusive auspices of the United Nations.

He called on the main parties in this regional dispute for greater commitment with a view to achieving a realistic and lasting political solution, in line with international law and the relevant resolutions adopted by the Security Council and the General Assembly.

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