American democracy does not fail

      After the capitol building stormed, many writers especially those who belonged to the Islamic movements in Arabic worlds wrote many essays to describe and analyze what's going on in the United States. Also, those writers focus and go to said Democracy in the United States on the way to failing. According to these opinions, I am trying to discuss and explain quickly some points to show my opinion on this topic.

Firstly, Democracy in the United States has been a long history. Therefore, the storming of the capitol building was just only a passing event, did not affect Democracy in the United States, and was not a reason to failing of democracy in this country since it was solid roots.

   Secondly, those writers who wrote democracy in the United States on the way to failing did not believe in the liberal Philosophie of democracy nor never did not know it because they still believe SHORRA. Even though it is a big difference in meaning between those two words [Democracy \ shorra]. That's why they are waiting for any opportunity to attack democracy in the United States.

   Thirdly, I am going to explain something. There is a big difference when we say '' America '' like a country, and '' America '' like an administration.  This deference is evidence of power rotation. On the comparison language, seriously in Arabic countries, we don't have any power rotation, we have just identifications between the states and political system. It means Arabic Dictatorship.

    Forty, D. trump was elect the US presently. He is past many positive and negative public policies, but right now he has done. So, the Biden administration is coming soon. It is ready to cancel a lot of ancient policies since Biden won the last elections. This is called in Political science domain circularization of the powers. This case was not the first time it going to have happened since the Unites States knows it when Barak Obama was elected.

   Finally, Democracy in the United States does not fail. It’s still lives since it has a solid root.

*  Researcher in Political Science\ Pennsylvania; United States     

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