Saidia: City of summer, turquoise beaches, and many other secrets

It is the city of the summer season par excellence, it is the city of Saidia, where the beaches of soft sand, and the pure turquoise waters that tempt you to swim and then take a warm sunbath that makes you forget the fatigue of work and the pressures of life.

The city not only gives you the opportunity to relax but also the opportunity to wander around its famous Corniche, after the end of a long day, to refresh yourself with the cool evening air and the gentle waves spray that refreshes the soul and body together, among the thousands of other vacationers who came to relax, exchange conversations and commiserate at night.

In the city of Saidia, there is no place for boredom. The blue of the sea gives you the desire to do activities during the day, and the Corniche gives you the pleasure of roaming at night. Between this time and that, you can spend the rest of your day visiting the recreational port that includes 850 anchors, and why not get acquainted with schools to learn boating, Kitesurfing, snorkeling, windsurfing.

And in the middle of the day, you can change your destination towards the restaurants scattered along the coast, or even visit a spa treatment center or do some shopping. What is certain is that the city of Saidia offers you a variety of activities and services to spend a wonderful holiday that is difficult to forget.

Arrival and accommodation

Saidia is located on the Mediterranean coast in the northeast of the Kingdom of Morocco, 22 km from the city of Berkane, and 60 km from the city of Oujda, with a population of 9,000 people. It is one of the newly established cities in view of the history of Morocco, as its establishment dates back to the year 1548, and in the year 1881, the city witnessed the construction of a castle and two mosques in a remarkable development.

The city was subjected to French control in 1913, and it was affiliated with the French protectorate in Morocco. After Morocco gained independence, the city captured the attention of the authorities and turned into a tourist destination.

For those coming to it from outside Morocco, the city of Saidia is surrounded by two airports, Oujda Airport, and Nador Airport, which can be reached from a number of European cities located in the countries of Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, and onboard different prices, including low-cost airlines. . Domestic flights to the two cities are also available through Tangiers and Casablanca airports.

Other than that, access to the city of Saidia remains easy, either by taxi (from the airports) or by public buses coming from other cities.

At the level of accommodation, the city of Saidia provides a generous tourist offer, through many accommodation options among classified hotels, residences, and private apartments, at reasonable prices that vary according to desire and the number of individuals.

where do I start?

The best start to exploring Saidia is the 14-kilometer beach, making it the longest beach in North Africa, and the third longest beach in the Mediterranean basin.

This beach is located after the famous Ras El Ma area, on the road leading to the city of Nador, and it can be easily reached by riding small boats at an affordable price, as as soon as you approach it, a beautiful small bay surrounded by high rocky cliffs appears. This area and its beach have gained great fame.

You can also go to the south, 30 kilometers from Ras El Ma, where there is Lake of Marchica, where you can discover Sidi Al-Bashir Beach, which is a bay surrounded by high cliffs, as if they make you feel protected, and it has very soft sand.

These extended beaches are not devoid of a range of high-level services, such as the water city "Aquapark", as well as many facilities directed to sports activities, including quiet sports such as golf courses, in addition to tennis courts and fitness clubs, as well as exciting sports such as kayak, Kitesurfing, and diving.

Nature: Magical worlds

From the blue atmosphere, you can move to the green atmosphere, to discover a group of natural places that abound in this coastal city. There, on an area of 2,700 hectares, the Moulouya Nature Reserve awaits you, which is a wonderful environmental haven for approximately 270 different types of birds.

The reserve was classified as an Important Biological and Environmental Site in 2005, as it is a very special destination that should not be neglected while in the region.

And to explore more the greatness and beauty of what you are coming to, it is okay to know that the Moulouya River starts from a point located between the Middle and High Atlas in the Midelt region, extending over a distance of more than 600 kilometers across the Kingdom, before it empties into the Mediterranean Sea in the Ras El Ma region, Near the city of Saidia.

And if you want to mix exploration and sports, and you are an adventure enthusiast, there is a tourist orbit that awaits you, extending over a distance of eight kilometers, passing through the Bani Yazanasin mountains, which are rich in natural qualifications, to the camel cave, which is a privileged site for lovers of this sport.

And with the help of a guide and the inhabitants of the area, do not forget to give yourself the opportunity to discover valleys and caves there, and the picturesque town of Tafogalt, with the splendor of the breathtaking nature that surrounds it.

Kasbah and local food

To retrieve some of the beautiful history of the city, you can head towards the Kasbah which was built by Hassan I in 1883 at the mouth of a valley, with the aim of putting an end to the expansion of the French.

The Kasbah is surrounded by square walls, each of which is about 100 meters long, and about 6 meters high. Inside, you feel that time has brought you back and that the voices of the departed who crossed from here are still echoing in the place.

It is certain that after these many exploratory tours, you will respond to the call of the stomach, and here you will discover that the city of Saidia, which is famous for its fried fish meals and grilled sardines, is also famous for the Karan food, which is very well known among the people of the region, which is prepared by spreading chickpeas pie on fresh bread with a sprinkle with a little cumin, it is served in the form of a delicious and quick-digesting sandwich.

Saidia is also famous for pastries, especially crispy cakes that are prepared in the form of a ring with anise and sesame.

As for local products, the region abounds with loquat trees, of which the region produces 80% of the national production.


As you prepare to leave this extravagant city, on an evening tour under the eucalyptus and mimosa trees that surround the beach, there is nothing wrong with starting to prepare for a repeat visit, because the secrets of this city are too great to be discovered in one visit.

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