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Madrid: ONMT Wins Prize for Best Stand at Fitur 2024

The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) has won the "best stand" award at the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Fitur), the first global tourism event of the year, which runs from January 24 to 28. This accolade rewards the efforts of the Office, which recently unveiled its new Morocco pavilion concept, featuring a modern, inspiring layout, ...

17:10 Et January 27, 2024

Portuguese Magazine 'Observador' Unveils Morocco's Rich Tourist Potential

In its latest December issue, Portuguese monthly magazine Observador has dedicated its pages to unraveling the diverse and captivating tourist potential of the Kingdom of Morocco. The publication ...

17:10 Et January 14, 2024

El Pais: Major Spanish Hotel Groups Strengthen Their Presence in Morocco Taking Advantage of its Tourism Boom

Several major Spanish hotel groups are endeavoring to strengthen their presence in Morocco to take advantage of the country's tourism boom, which broke records in 2023, according to ...

17:15 Et January 12, 2024

Morocco's Tourism Hits Milestone with Over 12 Million Arrivals, Announces Ministry

The flow of tourist arrivals in Morocco reached 12.3 million at the end of October 2023, reflecting a remarkable 39% increase compared to a year earlier, according to ...

10:56 Et November 15, 2023

Daily Express: Chefchaouen among world's top destinations

Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco, is taking advantage of its popularity on social networks to grow from a once-hidden gem into a popular tourist spot, "among the ...

17:10 Et November 13, 2023

Morocco: Tourist Activity Returns to Normal in Affected Regions by Earthquake

Tourist activity has returned to normal in the regions affected by the 8 September earthquake, Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, ...

17:00 Et September 22, 2023

Saidia: City of summer, turquoise beaches, and many other secrets

It is the city of the summer season par excellence, it is the city of Saidia, where the beaches of soft sand, and the pure turquoise waters that ...

16:40 Et February 16, 2023

Marrakech: The warm "land of God", destination of celebrities, source of inspiration and human wealth

It is the best tourist destination in the world in 2015, and one of the best tourist destinations in general. It is a city of history and cultural ...

10:49 Et February 7, 2023

Taghazout: The sea, nature, quiet resorts, and leisurely pace of life

Taghazout has a welcoming, laid-back vibe and an astoundingly wide range of reasonably priced lodging and dining alternatives. Visitors are most attracted to the area by its white-washed houses' understated elegance and the glimpses of the deep blue Atlantic. The sun pours its rays and the city enjoys a pleasant climate whatever the season is . ...

11:35 Et January 18, 2023

Dakhla or 'the pearl of Moroccan Sahara': Water sports paradise and marvelous desert landscapes

Dakhla is the pearl of the Moroccan Sahara and the city where the desert atmosphere and sand dunes mix with the salinity of the sea and its waves ...

17:10 Et January 16, 2023
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